Texas Looks to Expand Education Opportunity



Earlier in March, Senator Donna Campbell filed Senate Bill 1906 to expand educational opportunity for Texas students. This bill would incentivize certain companies giving to charities that provide K-12 private school scholarships to disadvantaged students.

The scholarships provided by SB 1906 could be used to help pay K-12 private school tuition; purchase support services like tutoring, therapy or after-school programming; or even to defray the costs of educational materials. That kind of scholarship flexibility would be a first among the country’s dozens of existing tax credit scholarship programs. It would also make Texas the 19th state with a tax credit scholarship program.

SB 1906

Here’s an overview of the bill’s key components:

  • Eligible students would have to qualify for the federal guidelines for free and reduced lunch
  • Texas corporations subject to insurance premium taxes would receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions to charities providing K-12 scholarships to economically disadvantaged students
  • The charities would have to use at least 90 percent of the contributions for student scholarships
  • Up to $500 per scholarship can be used for educational expenses besides tuition

How to Get Involved

ACE Scholarships supports SB 1906 and the opportunity it would provide to disadvantaged students in the great state of Texas. If you feel the same and want to get involved, click the button below. Your voice could make the difference when it comes to getting this critical piece of legislation passed.

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