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Every day, disadvantaged families across America face the stark reality that they lack access to schools that can better meet their children’s unique needs. Perhaps a different educational model could help them learn more effectively. Perhaps they would like to participate in a desired program or course of study. Or, in the worst cases, perhaps they need a way out of a school that is chronically underperforming, unsafe, or otherwise damaging to their academic or personal well-being.

In the absence of financial means to move to a better district or pay for private school tuition, these families have few places to turn. They languish on waiting lists and in lottery pools as educational opportunities just beyond their reach catapult other students into successful lives. They do not have time to wait.

Our nation has a responsibility to ensure that every student has access to the American Dream. Together, we can accomplish that goal.


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Since 2000, ACE Scholarships has provided 28,000 K-12 private school scholarships worth $65 million to economically disadvantaged families across eight states—and our program continues to grow.
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Whether you have 30 seconds or a full day, you can make a difference in the lives of students facing long odds and steep paths to success.